Just like riding a bike... kind of

This is my first blog post.  Although the store has been open for just over a month (yay) I really struggled to get to sitting down and writing this post.   The journey to starting Juicy Button again as been a roller coaster.  

Although the idea to get back to making jewelry had been tickling me for a while, I think the National Lockdown in March really was a kick up the backside to get going.  And I am grateful.  I ambitiously started clearing out my cupboards and came upon all my stock and supplies.  As I opened boxes and baggies I rediscovered my passion for making jewelry.

I am still wading through boxes of buttons, beads, fabric and all sorts of other goodies I have collected over the years, finding inspiration as  I go. It's exciting, and a little scary at times.  Kind of like riding a bike downhill without holding onto the handle bars...